7 Reasons for Studying in New York for International students

New York is home to top-ranked colleges, a mecca of entertainment, and abundant opportunities. Find out why students choose New York as their college destination. Long Island’s beautiful beaches and the forests and lakes of upstate New York attract record numbers of tourists.
New York is a magnet for college students from around the globe, but they come to New York City for many different reasons. The city is also a land of unlimited entertainment and opportunity.

Why should I study in New York City?
• Cultural Diversity
The 2020 U.S. Census shows that New York is the eighth most diverse state in terms of race and ethnicity. New York City is the largest city in the U.S., with over 8 million residents, twice as many as Los Angeles.
New York City is home to people from more than 180 different countries and over 500 other languages.
By walking through the boroughs, you can discover the customs and beliefs of people worldwide. Students can also enjoy a multicultural experience in the state, which ranks second for the international student population.
• Employment and Internships
As of 2021, New York has over 50 Fortune 500 firms, tied with California as the number one state. About two-thirds of the U.S.’s economy is represented by these companies. New York City has become the world’s financial capital thanks to Wall Street. New York City is also well-known for its fashion, publishing, advertising, and retail industries.
The global center of Commerce and Business offers students a wide range of opportunities for jobs or internships. New York also has some of the most lucrative jobs, such as information security analysts and accountants.
• Entertainment
You may only be able to visit some New York entertainment venues, but you will have fun trying. Broadway shows and concerts at incredible venues like Madison Square Garden Summer Stage, Carnegie Hall, Central Park Summer Stage, and Central Park are just a few.
Many art and jazz festivals exist in New York City, Long Island beaches, and the Catskill Mountains. The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts comprises 12 world-renowned performing arts companies.
• Food Culture
New York’s multiculturalism is reflected in the street food. Within a city block, you can find authentic Greek, Asian and Caribbean food.
You must pay attention to the New York pastrami sandwiches and Manhattan clam soup.
The community offers some of the best and most affordable homegrown food in Manhattan, including restaurants that serve Cuban, Japanese, and French cuisines, as well as Peruvian and other global cuisines.
• Networking Opportunities
Developing your networking skills in college will increase your career opportunities and help you to build relationships with people in both the academic and professional world. Strangers can become mentors, employers, and friends when they meet the right people.
New York offers many networking opportunities. There are networking events in nearly every industry, including finance, human services, public administration, and business. Students and young professionals can benefit from networking to find new opportunities and connections in the U.S.
Students can improve their networking skills by joining a group on campus with similar interests or career goals.
• Public Transportation
New York City’s public transportation is world-famous. New York City has a vast subway and bus network to get you to all five boroughs. Both are inexpensive, and the subway runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Trains depart daily for the Catskill Mountains, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island beaches. The students can rent bikes or bring their own to explore the bike trails along the Hudson River, Central Park, and the rest of the park. You’ve seen movies where people hail a New York City Taxi. This option is costly for many.
• Sports
New York is home to some of the best sports teams in the world.
The Mets and Yankees are two major league baseball teams that students can watch.
Enjoy basketball? NBA fans should check out the Knicks or Nets in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


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